IAPT National Standard Examinations NSEP NSEC NSEB NSEA NSEJA

Indian Association of Physics Teachers

IAPT National Standard Examinations NSEP NSEC NSEB NSEA NSEJA

Full Description

IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) is an association of Physics Teachers spread through out the country.

National Standard Examinations (NSEP in Physics, NSEC in Chemistry, NSEB in Biology, NSEA in Astronomy and NSEJS in Junior Science) are nationwide examinations organized by IAPT

NSEP, NSEC, NSEB and NSEA are at CBSE class XII level while NSEJS is at CBSE class X level

These NSEs are the first and the only screening tests leading towards International Olympiads in the respective subjects

Science Olympiads: Olympiads are internationally recognized competitions in various fields of knowledge

Eligibility: A candidate must secure a score equal to or greater than a minimum admissible score (MAS) to be eligible for the Stage-II INO exam leading to the International Olympiad

The MAS for a given subject will be 40% of the maximum score in that subject

You will have to appear for NSEP (or NSEC/ NSEB/ NSEA/ NSEJS) and then through the Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO or INChO or INBO or INAO or INOJS) you may be selected for the further stages of the respective International Olympiad Programme

How to apply: 

You must register from your own School/ College

The Principal (or Physics or Science Teacher) of your College/ Jr College/ High School will enroll you

In case you have any difficulty then refer to website www.iapt.org.in

List of all NSE centres of last year is available on the website

The name of contact person at the respective centre is also indicated

Enrollment at the centers only

No direct enrollment

For more information visit: http://www.iapt.org.in/